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Mlyn 108 Restaurant

„To all of us, greeting a guest is a delight but also a privilege and a big honor."

Otto Chrapčiak
Farm grown chicken stock with homemade noodles and pearls of vegetables

Cream of sunchoke soup with hazelnut milk foam and hazelnut chips

Pickled kohlrabi with pear, cheese and hazelnuts

Smoked trout fillet with herbal mayonnaise, apple vinaigrette, celery oil and quail egg


Barley cooked with beetroot juice and port wine, with olive oil roasted beetroot, pickled beetroot and fresh fennel

Homemade ravioli filled with matured cheese, with chestnuts purée, fresh truffle and milk foam perfumed with chestnuts and cognac


Squab with sweet Riesling caramelized cabbage and homemade potato dumplings

Duck breasts with elderflower syrup roasted parley root, wine vinegar roasted beetroot, butternut squash purée, braised apples and beetroot jus
sv lepok.png

Red wine glazed pork cheeks with pork jus, rice wine vinegar marinated onion and nutmeg mashed potatoes

Pork neck with dark beer, caramelized beetroot and onion purée, beetroot and onion relish, smoked beetroot and potato mousseline

Beef rump steak with roasted kale, smoked onion mayonnaise, kale chips and hazelnuts crumble

Curd gnocchi with crunchy poppy seeds, white chocolate, cinnamon marinated apples, vanilla and rum curd cream and marinated raisins

Abbr: sv - Sous vide (meat cooked in vacuum on low temperature - pasteurized)

lepok.png- gluten free

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